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Photo provided by Errol and Candy Brumpton of Well Gully Merinos


Merinomark Pty Ltd is a company incorporated in Victoria, Australia in 2004 to operate the MERINOMARK® Supply Chain and Licence Scheme.

Of recent times the company has developed a close working relationship with the SRS Company Pty Ltd  and concentrated its activities on facilitating the supply of SRS® Merino wool to Chinese processors.

We see that the SRS® Woolgrower Group, under the guidance of its founder Dr Jim Watts, meets the requirements of a commercial supply chain with the necessary critical mass, fibre quality and marketability to warrant separate processing and promotion.

It also meets the increasing global requirement for high quality non-mulesed wool.

Sustainability for the SRS® / MERINOMARK® Supply Chain comes from the business agreement established between Merinomark Pty Ltd and the Chinese group comprising topmaker

and spinner with whom we have a longstanding association through the MERINOMARK Licence Scheme. The component of the SRS® / MERINOMARK®Supply Chain that Merinomark Pty Ltd manages is the process by which wool provided by the SRS® Woolgrower Group is priced and sold to the Australian based trading company of the Chinese processor and  technical liason with the topmaker and spinner on processing parameters.

The SRS Company Pty Ltd. provides the fibre quality control and certification based on specifications developed over many years of selective sheep breeding and fibre optimisation as well as networking within the SRS® Woolgrower Group.

MERINOMARK® Licence Scheme

The MERINOMARK® Licence Scheme is a trade mark licensing scheme that provides third party quality endorsement of licensees’ products under MERINOMARK® specifications for fibre content and product performance.

Following licence establishment formalities, which include product testing, licence fee payment and execution of a licence agreement, licensees are entitled to apply approved MERINOMARK® labelling to products which comply with MERINOMARK® fibre content and product performance specifications.


Ticket orders and proposed trade mark usages on packaging and promotional material are submitted to Merinomark Pty Ltd for approval prior to printing and distribution.

Licensees are required to pay an annual fee. The fee system is structured to facilitate access to the MERINOMARK® Licence Scheme by companies at all levels throughout the supply chain.  Other fees may be applied to testing and ticketing. Information on fees and ticket costs can be obtained by  emailing administration@merinomark.com


1. Zhejiang Xinao Textiles Inc
(Yarn Spinner)

2. Calcoup Knitwear Pty Ltd
(Knitwear Manufacturer)

3. Styleknit Pty Ltd
(Knitwear Manufacturer)

4. Tantech Pty Ltd
(Wool Detergent Manufacturer)

Merinomark Pty Ltd vigorously controls and protects the image of its trade marks by only allowing their use on approved products that meet its strict quality standards.  The high level of integrity of the MERINOMARK® label is maintained by continuous market surveillance.
Legal action is taken against breaches of any copyright and trade mark legislation.


SRS® / MERINOMARK® Supply Chain

The SRS® / Merinomark® Supply Chain provides for the direct supply of SRS® wool to the large Chinese processor with whom  Merinomark Pty Ltd has established a strong business relationship formalised by the joint signing of a contract agreement.

The sustainability of the Supply Chain comes from dealing directly with and receiving orders from a large processor producing top and yarn as distinct from dealing directly with retailers or brand manufacturers.


• Guaranteed premium above the current Eastern Market Price Indicator

• Full payment prior to the wool leaving the broker’s store.

• Feedback regarding the processing performance and purchasing requirements of the Chinese processor to assist with on-farm management.

• Opportunity to visit to the Chinese top-maker /  yarn spinner

• Traceability of wool from early stage processing through to end product manufacture.

• Contribution towards direct funding of the SRS® Group via sale proceeds.


Graham Walters



Merinomark Pty Ltd
PO Box 414
Australia 3216

Mobile: +61 (0) 408 103398

E-mail: administration@merinomark.com